Astroglaze Smoke Vents

AstroGlaze Smoke Vents

  • Premium aesthetics
  • Free Area of 1.0m² and 1.5m²

A flat glass unit for natural smoke and heat ventilation, suited to commercial or residential buildings where the roof smoke vent is a visible feature due to its clean, stylish appearance.

Our Astroglaze Smoke Vents are fully certified to BS EN 12101-2 standards, feature a premium quality design perfect for a broad range of modern and architectural applications and are available in two sizes to achieve 1.0m2 and 1.5m free venting area. Furthermore, the design conceals the 24V DC folding arms for an aesthetically pleasing design. Comes complete with 6A control panel. Contact us for further information on this beautiful but functional smoke vent.

AstroGlaze mechanism types available…

Single Leaf

Need help with a Specification? Call 01276 451555 And one of our helpful team members can provide you with the technical information you need…

AOV AstroGlaze Smoke Vents Benefits

Our range of Astroglaze smokevents…

  • Fully Certified to BS EN 12101-2

    Our Astroglaze Smoke Vents are fully certified to BS EN 12101-2 technical standards.

  • Premium Quality Design

    Our Astroglaze Smoke Vents feature a premium quality design for architectural applications.

  • Available in Multiple Sizes

    Two available sizes to achieve 1m² and 1.5m² free vent area.

  • Removable Motor Housing Cover

    Removable motor housing covers for easy maintenance and inspection by a certified professional.

  • 6A Control Panel

    All of our Astroglaze Smoke Vents are supplied with a 6a control panel.

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