Smoke vents are considered by law, a life saving device, meaning they fall within the remit of the CE EN120101-2 regulation.  This is a regulation which very carefully monitors and the production and sale of these types of product.  We have put together a brief outline of the requirements for this specific regulation.

There are six key areas which the smoke vents need to pass in terms of performance and safety to be compliant with the regulation, some of which are incredibly technical and specific.

  1. Aerodynamic Free Areas: This is a calculation made as the product of Geometric Area and Coefficient of Discharge.
  2. Reliability: this amounts to 10,000 cycles for normal ventilation, as well as 50-1000 cycles for smoke ventilation.
  3. Opening under a load: vents must open to full fire open within 60 seconds (most single vents are fully open at 140°.
  4. Operation in low temperatures: vents need to be proven to operate at least three times at -25°C.
  5. Wind load: vents need to be able to successfully open when under suction caused by the air. They must open within 60 seconds under load.
  6. Resistance to heat: vents need to be able to withstand heat, so are tested for 30 minutes at 300°c.
Thermadome single Leaf commercial Multiwall Glazing open

It is essential that all smoke vents are tested and certified independently to produce a completely genuine Declaration of Performance (DoP) certificate.  Manufacturers also must be independently audited every year to check their processes as well as checking consistency known as Factory Production Control (FPC).  All smoke vents need to have a genuine Declaration of Performance (DoP) certificate and be CE certified as a complete unit, rather than as separate components.

Thermadome AOV_Access

CE 12101-2 specifies that all labels on smoke vents need to show the following:

  • The name of the supplier, or their trademark
  • The type and model number
  • The year of manufacture
  • The power supply details (eg. 24VDC)
  • The aerodynamic free area (Aₐ)
  • Classes for:
    • Wind load
    • Snow load
    • Low temperature
    • REliabiility
    • Heat exposure
  • The number and year of the European Standard EN12101-2:2003

It is incredibly important that any smoke vents you purchase are fully compliant with these regulations, so be sure to make the right choices with us here at Smoke Vents.