Smoke Vent Featured in November Issue of Fire Safety Matters

Smoke Vent has been featured in the November 2019 edition of Fire Safety Matters (FSM) with Managing Director, Scott Couldrey, discussing everything from operation to the regulations around these important fire safety devices. To read the full article visit Fire Safety Matters website but for a brief overview of what was discussed you can continue reading below.

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We discuss the complexities of the UK Government’s legislation around smoke vents. All smoke vents must adhere to strict testing, tracking and installation regulations including the EN1201-2 European Standard, the approved document B2013 and The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) as well as BS 9991 and BS 9999 which provide guidance in more complex buildings. Because of how treacherous the regulatory landscape of smoke vents can be it is hugely important that expert, industry, guidance is sought to ensure you are fully compliant with you smoke vents.

Selecting the Right Smoke Vent

It is hugely important that you choose the right smoke vent for the job. Although smoke vents can be used in almost any building they are more typically used in larger buildings with high occupancies such as flats or apartment blocks, halls of residence, warehouses, laboratories, office buildings, schools etc. When deciding upon which smoke vent to use the location, type of smoke vent and method of installation should all be taken into account before purchase. Again, it is important to discuss with an industry expert, if you are unsure, about the best options for your particular situation. These could include, double leaf smoke vents which are ideal for industrial/ commercial properties which may need to cleat vast quantities of smoke quickly, roof louvre vents, perfect for high security properties, facade ventilation, such as window louvre vents and stairwell ventilation. Stairwell ventilation, in particular, is an important consideration as these will likely be used as escape routes in the event of a fire, and so, keeping these clear of smoke is imperative.

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Double Leaf Smoke Vent

Form & Function

Also discussed are the range of options available to individuals looking to purchase smoke vents for their property. These include aesthetic options such as the material that can be used, which includes: polycarbonate, glass, and solid lid smoke vents all of which have various pros that will make one the most suitable solution for you. There are also a range of smoke vent accessories available such as smoke vent control panels which can centralise the opening and closing of vents for smoke ventilation or comfort ventilation to a single point. Control panels must also adhere to strict guidelines including EN 12101-10 2005 Class A.

Speak to the Experts at Smoke Vent

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