Corridor Smoke Vent

Smoke Vents for Lobbies and Corridors

Typically 1.5m2 of FVA

Smoke vents for lobbies

Lobby smoke vents clear heat and smoke build up to help protect the building’s means of escape (MOE) and support occupant evacuation, whether that be in residential apartment blocks, hotels or offices. Manual emergency switches, the smoke vent control panel and ‘break glass’ switches activate the lobby smoke vents in the event of a fire. The vents also support firefighter access, allowing them into the building to aid occupants and tackle the fire.

Smoke vents for corridors

In residential buildings and apartment blocks, a corridor automatic opening vent (AOV Smoke Ventilation System) utilises the external wall of the building to expel smoke, particularly where build-up is close to escape stairwells. Located high on the external wall, corridor smoke vents support the discharge of smoke as it naturally rises and escapes through the vent. Corridor smoke vents make a great alternative to roof smoke vents in escape routes but can also be used in conjunction with them.

Single Leaf

Double Leaf

Roof Louvre

Solid Blade

Shaft Vent Door

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