Polycarbonate Smoke vents and AOV’s

Polycarbonate smoke vents

  • Flood communal areas with natural light
  • Multiple layers and glazing options available
  • Fully Certified to BS EN 12101-2
  • Option to use smoke vent as roof access and maintenance

Polycarbonate smoke vents are extremely popular due to the flexibility of the material to glaze a variety of smoke vents, automatic opening vents (AOV) as well as smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (SHEVs). Excellent material clarity allows significant light transference and views of the sky above, while multiple layer solutions offer thermal properties to support temperature control in the property.

Polycarbonate rooflights are available in the following mechanism / option types..

Single Leaf

Double Leaf

Roof Louvre

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Polycarbonate Smoke vents – Single Leaf

A range of single leaf polycarbonate AOV’s and SHEV units 

Polycarbonate Smoke vents – Double Leaf

A range of Double leaf polycarbonate AOV’s and SHEV units 

Polycarbonate Smoke vents – Louvre

A range of Louvre roof smoke vents, smoke vent windows and AOV’s with polycarbonate glazing 

Polycarbonate smoke vents by Brand

Find your ideal product from the brands below 


Coxdome Polycarbonate smoke vents

Coxdome polycarbonate smoke vents are available as single and double leaf mechanisms depending on the size and specification you require. The polycarbonate itself can be specified in clear or obscure glazing depending on if privacy is required and more diffused lighting effect is desirable or if you require as much light as possible to enter the building below.

The Coxdome FireJet 165 24V/48V is a smoke and heat exhaust ventilation (SHEV) solution suitable for commercial and residential applications, and can be integrated into any building management system (BMS).

  • Fully certified to BS EN12101-2
  • Opens to 165°
  • One mechanism regardless of size
  • Aerodynamic free area up to Aa 2.74 m²
  • Available in a wide range of sizes

Stardome polycarbonate smoke vents are perfect for space-restricted projects where a bespoke size/configuration is required within a short lead time. Excellent quality yet cost effective, with a matching range of standard modular rooflights also available for exterior aesthetics. With its concealed actuators it is just as visually appealing when in the closed position as the actuators are fully concealed within the unit. This means you not only get a unit that fully complies to BS EN 12101-2 but also still looks great when viewed below which could be an important feature for smoke vents when being installed in high end apartments or residential accommodation. Stardome polycarbonate smoke vents are also great where the budget for a glass unit is not available but clean sight lines are a must.

  • Fully certified to BS EN12101-2
  • Concealed actuators
  • Thermally broken aluminium framework
  • Can be powder coated to most standard RAL colours
  • Huge range of bespoke configurations available
  • Can be tailored to suit varying depths of insulation either above or below the roof
  • Huge range of sizes available
  • Available in clear, opal, diffused, bronze or ‘Heat Reflect’ glazing
  • Standalone or Networked system
  • Lifting arm can be offset for access

Stardome polycarbonate smoke vents are ideal for domestic, commercial, leisure and retail, this high-performance flat roof smoke vent opens to 160° in less than 60 seconds for rapid smoke and heat dispersion. Also, suitable for providing natural ventilation and can be used for roof access and maintenance perfect for use in areas where light is required such stair wells, staircases, lobbies and corridors.

  • Fully certified to BS EN12101-2
  • Control panels compliant with BS EN 12101-9 & BS EN 12101-10
  • Vast range of sizes for immediate delivery
  • Available as direct-to-roof or to builder’s kerb
  • Actuator position variable for roof access and maintenance if required
  • Optional wind deflector to increase aerodynamic value
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Mardome Trade Smoke Vents are the perfect solution for installation on flat roofs of modern buildings. They are manufactured using strong UV protected polycarbonate domes. These smoke vents are designed for natural smoke and heat exhaust but can also be used for comfort ventilation if required.

As a result Mardome Smoke Vents have been carefully designed to meet high standards of security, safety, non-fragility and fire safety so are fully compliant with EN 12101-2. We are able to offer the full guarantee of an established, accredited UK manufacturer giving you peace of mind these life saving devices will work when needed. So if a reliable cost effective solution is required Mardome rooflights could be the answer.

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