Building Smoke Ventilation Systems

Nobody wants to think about the possibility of fire, but it’s a risk in any building, however the risks of death from smoke inhalation can be significantly reduced if the correct smoke ventilation system is installed.

The smoke vent selector below will help you find the right smoke vent for your application.

Fire burns, Smoke kills!

Most fire deaths are caused by smoke inhalation. Even a small fire can quickly fill a building with smoke, causing disorientation and preventing occupants from seeing accessible escape routes. Smoke inhalation can rapidly overcome and incapacitate. And with homes and commercial buildings featuring synthetic and dangerous materials, smoke is combined with toxic gases.

Take automatic action

Smoke ventilation systems with automatically operated roof ventilators (AOV smoke ventilators) significantly improve safety in the event of a fire. Triggered by the fire alarm system, the AOV smoke control systems open to a predetermined angle to allow smoke and heat to disperse from the property. This creates a smoke-free layer, improves visibility in escape routes and increases occupants’ escape time, whilst also assisting fire rescue access.

Make an informed decision

Fitting the right, fully-certified smoke vent is critical for safety. As long-standing experts in AOV smoke ventilators, NDC will advise on the correct smoke vent for your project and provide a solution that is CE marked against BS EN 12101 – 2 to ensure compliance with building regulations.

The smoke vent selector below will help you find the right smoke vent for your application.

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Double Leaf

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Smoke Shaft Vent

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Solid Lid

Smoke Vents by Type/Mechanism

No matter what you require, we are sure to have a smoke mechanism type to suit your needs. Depending on the building plan or Schematic you may require a smoke vent with a particular mechanism. This could be dictated by the amount of free flow area of smoke that is required to be evacuated from the building or the location of the smoke vent within either the roof space or wall area available.
Some mechanism types, like the single leaf, are perfect for small area ventilation or areas where the smoke vent may be used for occasional access to the roof for maintenance. Others, like the double-leaf smoke vent are perfect for large areas where a more industrial specification may be required. Louvre smoke ventilators are great for use in locations that may be exposed to high wind loads, particularly in high rise buildings, coastal locations or areas that require a higher security specification.
If you require any help or advice please feel free to call our sales team who will be happy to help.

  • Different Mechanism types for various building applications.
  • A Huge range of units to comply with EN12101-2.
  • Compliant bespoke and off the shelf solutions.
  • Stand alone or networked capability controls.

Smoke vents by location

When a fire breaks out the spread of smoke is rapid and can affect all areas of a building in minutes. Not all building are the same, but for ease of use we have divided some of the most popular smoke vents / Automatic Opening vents and SHEV units into main building areas or zones. Some Smoke vent products are more suitable than others and may need to meet additional regulations with regards to fire resistance and fire rating covered in EN1634-1 for smoke shafts.

No matter what your requirement or location zone within a building, we are sure to have a smoke vent solution to meet both your design and regulation requirements.

  • Complete smoke vent solution no matter where they are required.
  • Seamless integration of units in various locations or Zones.
  • Units with specific properties for the areas they are to be installed.
  • Compliant bespoke and off the shelf solutions.

Our AOV Control & Accessory Products

Some great additions to any smoke vent system…

With a wide range of brands to suit your needs

click below to see some of our most popular products

Thermadome AOV London Residential above 1

Thermadome offer a huge range of smoke vent products to suit the whole building envelope requirements. Weather you are looking for a single leaf smoke vent for the top of a lift or smoke shaft or an AOV at the top of a lobby or communal staircase area, Thermadome are sure to have the right product to suit your needs.

Stardome AOV open

Stardome smoke vents are high quality flat roof polycarbonate or solid lid AOV’s designed to make optimum use of roof opening sizes. They are offered in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and glazing options to meet virtually any specifier and user requirement whilst still complying with CE EN 12101-1.

Astroglaze Web-Version

Astroglaze glass rooflights are designed to provide high levels of natural daylight with excellent aesthetics, high insulation values and simple on-site installation. All units feature sealed double glazed units contained within a thermally enhanced aluminium frame which is available in either a white or slate grey finish as standard.

They are designed to sit over builders timber kerbs and can be made to order to custom sizes in either single piece units or large multi-section units.

Coxdome SHEV Opening

They have been manufacturing rooflights since 1954, and in that time they have gained valuable experience in the manufacture and distribution of specialist flat roofing daylight and ventilation systems throughout the entire UK. Everything they manufacture at JET COX is quality tested to the very highest standards. With professional accreditations and ISO9001– 2008, all aspects of their manufacturing and operational process is stringently audited to ensure their processes maintain consistency and their production continually meets the requirements of their customers.

Lunaglaze Smoke Vent

The Lunaglaze glass smoke vent range, a real step forward in double glazed glass smoke vents. Architects, developers and end users face many challenges in specifying, installing and using glass smoke vents. Lunaglaze offers new solutions compared to traditional brands with performance improvements, environmental benefits and user benefits not previously available with other ranges.

Starglaze AOV (7)
starglaze-logo-small (1)

Starglaze glass rooflights provide a choice of natural lighting solutions and automatic opening vents for projects of virtually any size. Whatever the size or space, there will be a Starglaze smoke vent or skylight to fit. With fully concealed motors if required they are sure to provide long lasting and aesthetically pleasing products to your building or renovation project.

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