Using AOV Roof Lights For Smoke Ventilation

Using AOV roof lights for smoke ventilation

Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation systems (SHEV’s) are designed to assist with the natural extraction of smoke from a building during the event of a fire, and Automatic Opening Vent (AOV) roof lights can be an effective choice for this type of application.

However, specifying the correct type AOV roof light, is vital to ensure maximum safety and compliance with Building Regulations.

Although both standard and electronic opening rooflights can aid smoke clearance, they should not be used specifically for smoke ventilation purposes.

To comply with Construction Products Regulations, AOV systems must be CE marked against BS EN 12101-2:2003, a European Standard which gives the appropriate testing methods for components specifically installed as a natural smoke and heat exhaust system.

When specifying ventilation rooflights for smoke extraction purposes, ensure you choose a BS EN 12101-2:2003 compliant rooflight.

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What is the purpose of smoke ventilation systems?

Smoke ventilation systems are designed to keep escape routes free from smoke and assist fire-fighting operations by creating a smoke free layer.

When using AOV’s smoke is not extracted by mechanical means; they are triggered by fire alarm systems and open to a prescribed angle so that smoke can be naturally vented to the outside.

This significantly improves the life safety protection of the building and reduces the consequential financial losses caused from smoke damage.

Where are they used?

Most smoke vent systems or AOV’s are installed in corridors or stairwells and are frequently specified in hospitals, schools, hotels or apartment blocks.

Typically, the system will consist of a base unit with a hinged lid section that is forced open by an actuator system. In terms of functionality, these systems must work flawlessly when triggered.

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