Who is responsible for a smoke ventilation system

When it comes to the safety of occupants during a fire, smoke ventilation systems play a crucial role in managing smoke and heat. These systems are designed to remove smoke from a building, creating a clear escape route for occupants and aiding firefighters in their efforts. However, it is essential to understand who holds the responsibility for the installation, maintenance, and management of smoke ventilation systems in the UK. In this blog post, we will explore the key stakeholders involved in ensuring the effective operation of these systems in compliance with UK regulations.

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Building Owner

The building owner is ultimately responsible for the smoke ventilation system within their premises. Their primary duty is to ensure the overall safety of the occupants and comply with fire safety regulations. As part of their responsibilities, building owners must:

  1. Establish the Need: The building owner must determine if their premises require a smoke ventilation system based on the size, usage, and specific fire safety requirements of the building.
  1. Engage Competent Professionals: They need to appoint competent professionals such as architects, engineers, and fire safety consultants to design and install an appropriate smoke ventilation system. These professionals should have the necessary expertise and experience to ensure compliance with regulations.
  1. Ensure Regular Maintenance: Building owners are responsible for regular maintenance, inspection, and testing of the smoke ventilation system. This includes cleaning smoke vents, checking control panels, and maintaining other components to ensure the system operates effectively.
  1. Keep Records: Building owners should maintain detailed records of the maintenance, testing, and any modifications done to the smoke ventilation system. These records act as evidence of compliance with regulations and help demonstrate due diligence.


Designers and architects hold a key responsibility in ensuring that the smoke ventilation system is correctly incorporated into the building’s design. Their role includes:

  1. Designing for Compliance: Design professionals must ensure that the smoke ventilation system design adheres to relevant fire safety codes and regulations without compromising the architectural vision. This includes determining the appropriate type and capacity of the system based on the building’s features, occupancy, and use.
  1. Coordination with Other Systems: Designers should coordinate the smoke ventilation system design with other fire safety measures, such as fire alarms and sprinklers, to create a comprehensive fire safety strategy for the building.
  1. Liaising with Authorities: Design professionals may need to engage with local authorities, such as Building Control departments, to obtain necessary approvals and ensure compliance with applicable regulations.
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The responsibility of installing the smoke ventilation system lies with the installer or contractor engaged by the building owner. Their tasks include:

  1. Quality Installation: Installers should ensure that the smoke ventilation system is installed correctly and in compliance with the design specifications and manufacturers’ guidelines. This includes proper placement and connection of components, adequate sealing of ductwork, and appropriate integration with other mechanical and electrical systems.
  1. Testing and Commissioning: After installation, contractors should conduct thorough testing and commissioning of the smoke ventilation system to verify its functionality, including the operation of control panels, smoke vents, detectors, and sensors.
  1. Handover and Training: Installers are responsible for providing comprehensive handover documentation, including manuals, test records, and applicable certifications to the building owner. They should also train building staff in the proper usage of the smoke vent system.

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